Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apologies, All Around

I'm a "blogger."

Blogging, at first blush, seems easy.

Sign up to a service--like Blogger--and begin blogging. Which is what I did. Starting in 2007.

I didn't start out blogging. I started out reading others' blogs and sometimes, leaving comments. What happened was, I was leaving long responses, and found myself lurking on others' blogs waiting for replies. I was a stalker. Or, was I a troll?

Now, in 2013, I'm pretty sure I'm not a troll.

I don't enter comment threads in order to disrupt the discourse. Disagreement isn't disruption. Disagreement is a way of finding out whether or not what one has posted is full of crap. My oldest son will tell you of an particular case of my filling a post with crap. Mathematical. Which occurred just before the launching of this site, and my abandonment of my old site. My old site had been threatened by locals--people who knew who I was and where and what I do--who threatened to expose me and my postings against my "criminal" background.

I had two DUII's.

Given my experience on either of those two evenings, simply not coming up to speed with the idea of "criminal" behaviour. But, given the outcomes of those two evenings, critically sufficient to have these two evenings referred to as criminal. It doesn't help that I was convicted on both these charges. Driving under the influence is the worst charge that can be applied to any member of MADD.

Drinking and driving is on par with shifting under-aged girls off to Morocco as part of an White Slaver Trade Ring.

Putting someone under the control of another, in a foreign land seems reprehensible to me. Swerving on a back road on the way home? Not so much. What a difference two years makes. I do, still have fears about the outcomes I face, blogging about things I believe in. My business is federally regulated. Government influence is still very important.

But during the last week, I hope that the exposure that has occurred, exposing the degree to which government employees have been willing to submit Americans that they've disagreed with to inspection of type and kind not hitherto have been occurred, that it might just be time to re-regulate my old moniker. There are a lot of things about Oregon, our federal government, our schools, and simply about the way things are done, that require a bit of advocacy in opposition.

That's what OregonGuy attempted to be.

And hopefully, that's what OregonGuy will become.

Thanks for reading.


g said...

Piss on them.
I just don't care what they think.
Most of them *don't* think.
They know who I am and every one of them can kiss my ass.
I've mad that clear.
I wish I had more time to blog because when I was blogging, there were a few douchebags and douchebag organizations I didn't get to.

Like I said, Piss on them.

Open it up and wind on it!

OregonGuy said...

So's I posted a few over at OregonGuy.


Because, I guess I am a bully, after all.

MAX Redline said...

Good on ya! And welcome back,OG.

OregonGuy said...

In match play, once you get your opponent down, you put your foot on their throat.

Things are starting to slide around for the Left. We don't need to hear about more stupid ideas from them. We need to start hearing apologies from them.

Look at where we are.

This is where they took us.

It is time for change.

T. D. said...

No sense of perspective. That's a big part of our political and journalistic problems. Everyone has problems and dirt in their past. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." The hard part is taking the log out of your own eye so you can clearly see the mote in your opponent's eye.

Unfortunately people with power want to use it against their opponents without mercy but can't understand why it should ever be used against themselves.

DUI? One could easily be a respected Oregonian editor.

OregonGuy said...

You know what an atheist can never have?