Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Country Is At War And My President Is Missing

I've blogged about this before, if not here, then at my old place, "" I had to abandon the old diggs when comments there led me to suspect that someone close to, or attached to, the District Attorney's office, or leaders in the local Prog/Democrat apparatus threatened me with a smear campaign. My first response was one of anger. The second response, was caution.

I removed all comments, and shut the site down. Migrated here. Yes, when you have a business that deals with the feds, standing up for ones rights can be disastrous for ones business. I'm too old to want to take another path to prosperity. And renewing old authorizations can become problematic. I moved here to avoid those problems.

So, if I haven't talked about this on this site, you can go over to the old site and read what I've written earlier. This President is not lying when he says he seeks the transformation of our nation.

Human dignity, and human rights, have been sacrosanct to Americans. Building upon the broken premise of the League of Nations, the United Nations was born. Creating a space for communication between nations, in an attempt to create a flat canvas for nations to discuss those issues that found them at odds. Headed by a council of nations that actually had the power to impose solutions, at times when those solutions were found necessary.

Joining the United Nations required passing a resolution in the United States Senate, ratifying the treaty proposals included in the United Nations charter. In fact, our nation has ratified many treaties, and all these treaties impose upon the United States obligations and responsibilities that our nation needs to meet or exceed, in order to remain in compliance with those treaty obligations. Treaties are important documents, they are promises to our allies, and injunctions against those who would either seek to harm our allies, or ourselves.

A quick reminder can be found at "Fall Out From Surrender Monkies." The differences that were important at the time, when the United Nations was pushing for new constructs for ideation of basic human rights found in the Helsinki Accords:

"The participating States will respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief, for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion."

Freedom of thought. Freedom of conscience. All these freedoms enunciated through our freedom of speech. Because, if you can't say it aloud, the freedom to dissent, the freedom to hold your own opinions or thoughts, the freedom to live your life with a clear conscience between you and your Creator, none of these freedoms survive obligations to redact, self-censor, to silence.

The Middle East is in turmoil. And my President travels to Las Vegas. I invite your to re-visit, The Long War.

It's getting a little old to continue to blame Bush. But, that is easier than gaining an education. And President Equal Opportunity is wearing on my nerves. I'm glad he got the degrees. I just wished he had instead, received an education.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

L'address du situation

Let's talk together, you and I, with complete certainty that no one will listen to us.

We view our government as an insurer of the future. There are things a government can do, that no individual can. Even if there were an amalgamation of interests that would lead a large group of individuals to come together, at a certain point, the continuity of such a libertarian association would put at risk the ability of any force, as an insurer of the future, great harm in its ability to meet the goals of that association.

National defense is one of those large, governmental associations that is poorly served by any thing less than a total commitment of ones government. I remember writing a paper back during my undergraduate years, to that effect. Cain slew Able.

Crime occurs.

Had you read Locke's Second Treatise, you would be better prepared for the arguments that I may end up relying upon in this particular essay.

When Cain slew Able, the risks Cain felt at the moment were certainly small. His father knew his brother through touch. Cain could replicate the touch, using a sheepskin. The story has always left me wondering, but, the story was never the message. Cain felt he could get away with the murder of his brother.

Today, President Obama is killing Able, and he lives in sheeps' clothing. The reality of the last twenty-four hours is unbearable. We live, you and I, in a time, without Presidential leadership. President Carter was a weak president, but President Obama is the non-existent President. Our President has no training in business, no training in international affairs, no training in administration. He has belief? Certainly. Noam Chomsky is a part of personal cadre. There are elitists that ascribe to this particular President's statements and views.

As I write this, it is five o'clock in the morning in Egypt.

If you were to engage in any type of description of what a "nation" would be, you would be well advised to look at nationalism, prior to 1797. Or, 1775. These two dates are important, and if you were able to tell anyone how these two dates are principally different, you'd be well on the road to describe how the changes in just a few years, and a continent away, are so important. America was a great divorce.

Europe was the whore bride we divorced.

America was the first state established with the view that all men are created equally. You and I will never have to bow to any other. We can be wrong in our beliefs, and yet, our beliefs are just as valuable as any other uttered belief. Imagine, a country where one can utter his beliefs, without penalty. This particular American nuance is under attack, from special interest groups, from the Democrat Party, from Islamic fundamentalists. Your ability to say what's on your mind, no matter how right or wrong, is an American Right. Freedom of Speech is the central belief of our Nation, Science, and central to a model of governance.

Galileo wasn't a one-off. Simply ask yourself why, Man-made Global Warming advocates are using the nomenclature of Nazi Germany to attack skeptics of MMGW? (AGW.) Where has civility left, and what has been placed in it's stead?



What comes to mind is your opinion. If you view things from a lens of preconception, chances are, you will evaluate everything that you apprehend as conditioned by your viewpoint. I'm not the enemy of preconception. You've determined a lot of the world based upon your experiences of the world, and those experience have determined your preconceptions. Unless you tell me how you've come to a different place in your word view,  I can't begin to start a conversation that allows us to find how, in so many words, your different view of the world is inconceivable in mine.

In my world, I create meaning. From Descartes, to Hume, to Kant, to Sartre, there aren't any inconsistencies. We discard that which is without value or meaning. And here is my reduction: there is no greater value than the value of the individual. Any system of thought that relegates the individual to any type of group thinking is a sham.

Daniel knew this. I know this. No person, no government, no ideology, can make me believe that which I find intellectually abhorrent.

You cannot make me believe that which I find is intellectually dishonest.

There are those who present, "I am John Galt."

I offer, "I am Daniel."

New Channel

I didn't know until tonight that there was a new channel on DISH TV. It's called, "The Blaze."

Right when I called my News Director to urge him to include more international news in our local newscasts.
Newspapers and network television news shows aren't talking about the terrible news from the last couple of days. They can't. It's just too terrible.

When we elected Obama years ago, he promised us fundamental change.

We can't afford fundamental change. It's killing us. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Party Dedicated To The Creation of Wealth

Wealth isn't a pejorative. Everyone has wealth.

Just as everyone has health. Some person's health is better than some other person's health.

Fortunately, everyone has an opinion, too.

Some opinions are better than others, but that doesn't stop some from sharing theirs.  In fact it seems that the weirder some ideas are, the more likely they are to be expressed. In certain venues, the weird becomes accepted world view. I think this is what Democrats refer to as knowledge-based policy. Republicans and libertarians are so yesterday, what with their reliance upon God given and nature given rights. Democrats don't need to rely upon God and Nature. They have brainy ideas.

This is what they call Science. And Science trumps religion because it's knowledge-based. (Anyone for a brief tautology?)

Anywhoo, here's Peter Schiff. A smart guy. I've posted Schiff before. If you have a chance, take a look at some of Schiff's warnings about the credit markets prior to the current economic malaise. Congress was warned, The White House warned Congress. And yet, Democrats in control ignored the warnings. And now, blame Bush.

So, don't be shocked by the economic illiteracy of the Democrats interviewed by Schiff. I found this over at the Real King of France's place.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yes We Can

There are certain threads of the current political debate that are interesting. The latest thread is coming from the DNC convention in Charlotte. According to the Democrats, the issue is one of "you're on your own," and "we'll take care of you."

Choices are important. When you make a choice, you're on your own. If you want fried eggs, don't boil them in water. There's no really good way of back-tracking eggs.

Once you've made a choice, you've made a commitment. You own it.

The Democrat position is, "we'll take care of you."

Don't work? We'll take care of you. Can't keep your legs together? We'll take care of you.

Hire people to work for you? You're taking advantage of those people.

Need a little help from the government?

Yes we can. Just make a contribution to the Party.

Want a job? Go talk to the poorest person you know. Ask him for a job.

The wealthy offer us nothing. We gave them all our money because they advertised, and stuff.


I'm on my own. Not because any political party made me choose. Because I know that the only person I trust to take care of me is, me.

Who do you want to take care of you?

You, or a Democrat?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whose Reality Does This Impact Positively?

I mean, really.

This was posted by

The Prez sure enjoyed his time as a member of the Choom Gang.

But, he didn't build that. We did.