Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Party Dedicated To The Creation of Wealth

Wealth isn't a pejorative. Everyone has wealth.

Just as everyone has health. Some person's health is better than some other person's health.

Fortunately, everyone has an opinion, too.

Some opinions are better than others, but that doesn't stop some from sharing theirs.  In fact it seems that the weirder some ideas are, the more likely they are to be expressed. In certain venues, the weird becomes accepted world view. I think this is what Democrats refer to as knowledge-based policy. Republicans and libertarians are so yesterday, what with their reliance upon God given and nature given rights. Democrats don't need to rely upon God and Nature. They have brainy ideas.

This is what they call Science. And Science trumps religion because it's knowledge-based. (Anyone for a brief tautology?)

Anywhoo, here's Peter Schiff. A smart guy. I've posted Schiff before. If you have a chance, take a look at some of Schiff's warnings about the credit markets prior to the current economic malaise. Congress was warned, The White House warned Congress. And yet, Democrats in control ignored the warnings. And now, blame Bush.

So, don't be shocked by the economic illiteracy of the Democrats interviewed by Schiff. I found this over at the Real King of France's place.

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