Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Channel

I didn't know until tonight that there was a new channel on DISH TV. It's called, "The Blaze."

Right when I called my News Director to urge him to include more international news in our local newscasts.
Newspapers and network television news shows aren't talking about the terrible news from the last couple of days. They can't. It's just too terrible.

When we elected Obama years ago, he promised us fundamental change.

We can't afford fundamental change. It's killing us. 


MAX Redline said...

I read that Beck had struck a 24/7 deal for a channel on Dish. Unfortunately, I can't stand him.

Ten Mile Island said...

If you're referring to Mr. Beck's polemical stylings, I understand your recalcitrance in embracing him.

When it comes to picking scabs, I think he does a fairly good job. Not always spot on, but again, jabbing at conscience is a desirable thing. Freedom of speech means the freedom to be wrong. Not all well intentioned speech is either accurate or ultimately, defensible. But, he is willing to put into words things that some of us are reticent to do. It took decades to produce a public school system that regularly fails around half of our children. If Mr. Beck fails in his alarums, at least the cry and hue was raised.