Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yes We Can

There are certain threads of the current political debate that are interesting. The latest thread is coming from the DNC convention in Charlotte. According to the Democrats, the issue is one of "you're on your own," and "we'll take care of you."

Choices are important. When you make a choice, you're on your own. If you want fried eggs, don't boil them in water. There's no really good way of back-tracking eggs.

Once you've made a choice, you've made a commitment. You own it.

The Democrat position is, "we'll take care of you."

Don't work? We'll take care of you. Can't keep your legs together? We'll take care of you.

Hire people to work for you? You're taking advantage of those people.

Need a little help from the government?

Yes we can. Just make a contribution to the Party.

Want a job? Go talk to the poorest person you know. Ask him for a job.

The wealthy offer us nothing. We gave them all our money because they advertised, and stuff.


I'm on my own. Not because any political party made me choose. Because I know that the only person I trust to take care of me is, me.

Who do you want to take care of you?

You, or a Democrat?

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MAX Redline said...

"Choice" applies only to women who may consider abortion.

Apart from that, the term is disallowed.