Friday, June 10, 2011

Austan Goolsbee to Leave White House

Watching this guy since his rise to Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers has been, to be blunt, a living nightmare. His inability to fairly represent the economic data has not gone unnoticed, and I wonder what the aspiring underclassman of UC will be thinking when presented with an opportunity to study under this guy. I had the chance to study with William Appleman Williams, but figured, why? He was, as advertised, a revisionist. Why study American diplomacy through the lens of the Socialist? The whole body of values that one would have had to adopt was exhausting in and of itself. How does adopting the view that property is theft advance any helpful inquiry?

So, farewell to Chairman Goolsbee. And remember folks, the country is in the very best of hands. Enjoy your weekend.

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Max said...

On the one hand, it's nice to see Foolsbee gone. On the other, there's the issue of his replacement, and who will make that appointment.