Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Licking Ones Own Balls

The paradigm of a dog's ability to lick its own private parts has been suggested as an aim for each and everyone of us.

"If you could do it, you'd do it, too."

Short-term pleasures have been able to supplant any idea of long-term investment. Even the trading floors have been, until recently, trading in the 9950 to 10950. 12150 is the new number. Nobody thinks this is a new floor. Markets are still trading, hoping for short-term gains in frequency; have you looked the the volatility index? None of this is new stuff. Our economy continues to shed long-term investment opportunities through start-ups and new investment, and yet the current administration is attempting to call its policies winners, since more people are leaving the market for employment.

To date, the information you can access is still out there. You can still find out what the U-3 level of employment is. It is abysmal. Our country's macro-economic policies are propping up companies like General Electric, and failing companies like Pete's Country Store. The difference is not only in scale, but in intent.

Today's screed by our elected Commander-in-Chief was the most hateful screed ever elicited from a national figure, outside of general world war. And the enemy? Any man or woman who lived, not for the betterment of the community, but, for the selfish pleasure to benefit him- or herself.

America. The Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. And now, we are told, those who seek only to improve their own life is an enemy of the State.

Fifty years ago, this would have been recognized for what it is; the advocacy of Socialism in America. Fifty years ago, the worst possible thing that could have happened, occurred; Albert Shanker. (2:24)

Now, we have a President who tells us, "Lick Your Balls!"

I'm busy, but I think, shouldn't we have a President who understands that licking one's own balls isn't productive, even though it would be--theoretically--pleasurable?

Barrack "Balls" Obama.


I'll vote for him.


MAX Redline said...

since more people are leaving the market for employment.

I believe they're leaving the market for un-employment. It's long struck me as curious that those who no longer receive unemployment payments - yet who still have no job - are mysteriously classified as no longer unemployed.

g said...

Some of those unemployed actually have very nice houses on Lake Washington. That's my kind of unemployment!

Now I'm off to ball licking practice.

Ten Mile Island said...

You boys underestimate the metrics. Leaving the market-place for employment is simply a means for deducing that employment, as a ratio, is increasing. Denominators, and all that.


Trying to find a pic of the chick. You and I both know those Russian chicks have legs...all the way up to their balls.