Thursday, January 12, 2012

Greta Again

Tonight, Rick Perry was on Greta's show.

I'll look for video, but really, Governor. Reducing waste in the Pentagon by reducing the number of civilian staffers?

What was that old show? "Not Ready for Primetime"?

The introduction of civilian staff into the Pentagon was one of the most successful cost controls ever introduced. I know, it was a long time ago. But, before you proffer a change in policy, shouldn't you do at least some minimal research into the topic?

Our candidates are revealing themselves. Ron Paul is nuts, even if his concerns about sound money may end up by our simply asking ourselves questions about how our banking system, and our government's fiscal and monetary policies affect us. It isn't bad. It's a good thing. Few of us can handle the kind of level of examination that macro-economic theorists work in, every day. Esoterica is not a trait of the fundamental American. Is it fast? That's good. Is it easy? That's good, too. Is it cheap? Bingo!

But, when a candidate drives down into questions of policy, don't you expect something that approximates some level of considered evaluation? Cost cutting, by reducing the civilian workers in the Pentagon is a ridiculous idea. Maybe, the idea of Private Beetle Bailey conducting at $47.00 a week doing the job of a civilian contractor at $123-thousand a year is a common sense solution to the task at hand; reducing the government payroll.

But this isn't good thinking, or serious thinking.

Sorry Governor. But please, don't assert a knowledge of how our federal government works without some idea of how it works.

It looks bad.

UPDATE: Transcript here.

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MAX Redline said...

It seems to me that Perry's simply extending what Barry's begun.