Monday, November 12, 2012

Pointy Little Heads Explode

In case you haven't heard, Lefty Talker KPOJ is now a Sports Station.

I think this is funny.

While Portland is extremely weird, its revenue that drives programming, not the other way around. And there's simply more money to be made giving listeners what they want, than what they should have.

Bob Dove is no idiot. Given the political cant of the Portland metro area, having the leftist rant available seemed an interesting experiment. Until, that is, you get down to "compared to what?" In this case, more profitable radio stations.

Just ask the bar owner who used to offer popular hippy music, without a cover charge. The hippies come in, order water, and sit around. (What they do best.) Hard to provide "what the people want" when there isn't a way to monetize the service.

The campaign to "reverse" the decision is going to fail. There simply isn't a hammer out there to wield over ownership and management. The programming was offered long after the demise of Air America.

The argument from the takers will be that KPOJ has been "plenty profitable." I hope somebody posts something somewhere about opportunity cost. What it is. What it means.

So, so long, and thanks for all the fish. Portland is a better place.

You can sign the petition to reverse here.


MAX Redline said...

Great graphic! Portlanders would be horrified.

As for KPOJ - I've listened, briefly, on rare occasion. Too strident, although the foam and spittle, when removed with a paper towel, kept the car radio looking like new.

They were a lot like Airhead America (in fact, didn't they carry some of their rants when the "network" was still alive?). As well, I have to wonder if they didn't pull a KXL move - they turned the am channel into all-sports and moved all their other stuff onto the fm band.

It's a curious thing, though, that given the heavy Leftist influence in Portland markets, Lefy talk radio never sells - while conservative talk radio dominates. I suspect it's because Lefty talkers are always bitter ranters, while the conservative talkers in general incorporate humor into their airtime (ranters like Michael Savage excluded).

Ten Mile Island said...

yeah, I loved the graphic.

The ute are more diverse than the Left believes. Especially the ute males. Granted, they aren't finding a socket for communication under the ordinary circuitry. The utes that don't know how to move forward are totally into staying under the radar. The cool thing is, these are twenty year olds. Be kinda cool to see where they are in twenty years.

As we get older, we begin to learn about relative power. You versus me. In a lot of ways, I can kick your ass. In a lot of ways, I don't want to kick your ass.

We have an entire generation of young men, in America, that has been put on stand-by. We just need to put the curbs on the Left, to let our youngsters know that speaking ones mind is an American thing. Thinking one is right is a step towards being right. And that "the Right" has been nothing more than those who've always respected your ability to think for yourselves. We cannot indoctrinate the Truth. The Truth is discoverable.

You cannot hide truth. You cannot subvert truth. You can only be coerced.

Coercion is not legal in America.

MAX Redline said...

Wolfson’s Facebook page has been flooded with outraged comments since his dismissal. (Sample: "What am I supposed to listen to now? I am so angry I can't see straight.")

Aren't they always so angry they can't see straight? Certainly goes a long way toward explaining their perspective.