Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Can Embrace the New Normal

Adapting to a future without freedom and liberty, self-reliance, merit and honor is easy. (h/t ushanka.us.)


g said...

The ability to tie my shoes and listen to rap music.

I hope to be at the front of the line.

MAX Redline said...

I ran across this vid the other day, but didn't get around to checking it out. It's excellent; glad you took the time!

Ten Mile Island said...

The problem most of us have is that our expectations are too high.

MAX Redline said...

In Oregon? And with Mooch and Barky?

How could anyone have high expectations?

Ten Mile Island said...

Especially in Oregon.

We have Pixie Dust and Unicorns. And government innovation.

And stuff.

Really cool, expensive stuff. Like light rail.

Nothing works, but we do have high expectations.