Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eff One

Race right now, hours away.

Did you realize that 17 different drivers are in the points already this year? Last year, only 19 drivers were able to earn points during the entire season.

I think Nico can get past Mark, and I haven't seen Abbey off to any real good starts this year. If Lewis and Jenson an avoid driving into each other, they have a good chance at pulling off an early pass. If there's problems, I look to Nico to take advantage. And never forget Schuey. If Mark has one of his WTF starts, look for Schumacher to throw an elbow for his boy.

I'd love to see Alonso come through, but he is adamant, they simply haven't the pace. And from what I've seen of the track, this is not a Ferrari friendly venue.

I'm going to have to go with a re-play of Australia; Button, Vettel and another 3rd for Lewis. With a Sixth Place finish for Alonso, that would put Fernando just one point behind Seb after for races. And I look to Ferrari to come up with some substantive technological changes before Spain.

Sure, you prolly don't follow racing.

Your loss.

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T. D. said...

I'm a Formula One fan too. I learned to love it in Brazil. Many Sunday mornings F-1 races were broadcast on one of the main TV stations, and of course they have a Formula One track in Sao Paulo. I used to drive by it on my way to work. I miss the shared excitement. Thanks for the post.