Monday, January 14, 2013

Send Michael Ten Bucks

Michael Totten
P.O. Box 312
Portland, OR 97207-0312

If you've never read Michael's stuff before, do so now.

"Game of Thrones."

(Michael five years ago.)


MAX Redline said...

I might be moving to Morocco soon.
Gonna be a mental toss flycoon.

Ten Mile Island said...

One of the rare cases where "lol" actually is meant.

Too bad the kids will never know what you meant.

Totten writes about something especially important; the role of government, and our role as members of a particular culture.

Ideology and culture are not the same thing. It is sold to us as being so, but it isn't true. Respect is not ideological. It is human.

Thanks for the comment.

ZZMike said...

I remember reading him a few years back. He's sorta like the civilian version of Michael Yon.