Sunday, October 2, 2011

CNN Makes Scheduling Mistake

Erin Burnett begins her new show on CNN tomorrow. They had a chance to put together a show that would make definite in-roads on the viewership numbers of FOX's "The O-Reilly Factor." Instead, they put her into a slot that competes against her old network's show, "The Kudlow Report."

I am a fan of Ms. Burnett. I was disappointed when I heard she had left CNBC, a network that where I find myself spending a lot of time.

I'm tired of Mr. O'Reilly's bloviating. His absolute disregard for markets, especially the markets for energy, has been addressed by many, including FOX's own, Neal Cavuto. Under a banner of populism, or "looking out for the people," O'Reilly expresses fears of Big Oil that are mimicked in  nature only by rabid dogs when faced with a bowl of water. Attempts to introduce elasticity in the determination of price falls on deaf ears.

I'm very happy to see that Ms. Burnett will be returning to cable news. But, Kudlow will be number one in the time slot. For a lot of us.



MAX Redline said...

I've never been an O'Reilly fan. He makes conservatives look bad.

Ten Mile Island said...


O-Reilly has never claimed to be a conservative. He has always claimed to be a populist. Populism is just another form of "progressivism." Sometimes he's right, sometimes he's wrong, but he doesn't have any fundamental beliefs that guide his opinions, especially when it comes to economic analysis.

He is more of an analysis/therapist. Or, as the kids say, an "anal/rapist."

Dr. Tobias F√ľnke said...

No no... it's pronounced analrapist.

Ten Mile Island said...


All I do is set 'em up. You gotta knock 'em down.

Well done.