Friday, September 30, 2011

Understanding Sarah

If I were running Governor Palin's campaign, the first thing I would do would be to exclude her from debates.

The "debates" are occasions placed upon candidates that offer themselves as either being neutral, or unpredictable. When Governor Palin announces, she will be drawing in millions of two-hundred dollar contributions on the day the announcement is made. Can she hit ten million contributors in a day?

Two-hundred at a million would be two-hundred million dollars. In a day. Two-hundred, at a five times that would be a billion dollars.

Are there a million Americans willing to give two hundred dollars for a renewed course for America?

I will grant you, that the amount of money we need to spend to elect a President seems to be a huge amount. In a nation, which has a GDP of some 11-trillion dollars, And a national debt of some 15-trillion dollars.

But, I would exclude her from the current debates. Governor Palin will gain exposure from the MSM, as well as from the intertubes and cable networks, on her own time. When you control a billion dollars, there's a lot of exposure that one can create for oneself.

First of all, Governor Palin will, or, would be, the first candidate to gain a billion dollars in contributions. That in itself is newsworthy.

Second, Governor Palin then can create for herself, her own dais. A conversation with Newt Gingrich on Speed Channel. A conversation with Herman Cain on BET. A conversation with Romney on MSNBC. All, produced by her people. Even if she has to produce her "conversations" on QVC, she's going to own the space, and own the media.

Why would you want to undergo the kind of minimization that the current candidates are exposing themselves to, simply to gain exposure? Sarah Palin is one of the most exposed politicians in the United States!

She has already told you that she is not going to campaign in the ways most of us expect her to campaign. A billion dollars lets her choose her own playing field, and any candidate that chooses to ignore the playing field she creates risks becoming second tier, by definition.

Are there a million Americans willing to give her $200.00?


Don't be surprised when Governor Palin outlines the way the debate to the White House is defined.

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MAX Redline said...

Palin's not going to run. She is, after all, still on the FOX payroll. It's much more likely today that Christie will roll in.