Friday, September 9, 2011

I Can't Wait To Join A Union

I understand the President wants us to all become union members.

I want to be this guy's Brother.

Update: Eric at Classical Values points out how badly I've misinterpreted the entire event. It's a naming catastrophe, such as this.


Eric said...

I guess a union is a coupling of sorts.

Thanks for the link!

Ten Mile Island said...

The kind of violence that was exhibited by Mr. C*cks*cker is there, when you talk to members of the Teachers Union, too.

J. Hoffa, Jr. was right. There is an army. It has nothing to do with what is ethical or honest. It has everything to do with what is expedient and benefits the members of the "honored" class.

None of these folks could ever be given the keys of an enterprise. For them there are no risks. Just like the Post Office. It's not their money. When they run out? They scream for more. Those of us in the private sector may scream, but our screams will never be heard.

Thanks for the visit, Eric.