Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiring People

Last month, I hired two young men.

I've known these two young men for at least twenty-one years.

I took this flyer because I believe there are some acquisition opportunities ahead, and I'll need staff in order to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities.

The nice thing is, I have a hedge. I'm not going to make a move on these acquisitions until late second quarter, or early third quarter of next year. The hedge is, if I'm wrong, I won't attempt the acquisition. If I'm right, then hiring these two young men will provide the trunk of a tree for a growth in my business that will allow me to increase my market share and, give my revenue stream a big boost.

I quit hiring years ago.

I hired bright, attractive new hires. The problem was, when I let them loose in my client community, my client community made them offers of employment that I couldn't match. Bad for me, good for them.

I got tired of training up my clients' next manager/assistant manager.

Again, I've known both these young men for at least 21 years. We sat down, with my eldest--who inherits the whole biz on my demise--and I outlined my five-year plan. Asked if they wanted to take the ride. And I hired both of them part-time.

You'll hear "conservatives" talk about how "regulation" is killing them. It's true. The rules and regulations for any business are arcane, confusing, vague and frankly opposed to the simple proposition that "you work for me." Imagine a world where the employees you hire can shut you down for something as simple as asking them to come to a meeting, where you explain how leftist policies are ruining your business. Did you know that's against the law?

Imagine a company, where you ask the aspirants to success to come to a training session, if they want to improve their earnings or productivity. And that their attendance is voluntary. Then find out that the Bureau of Labor and Industry will come in and shut you down if you hadn't paid them for their attendance. Free training to the employees. Voluntary attendance by the employees.

Yet, if one employee bites you back, you could lose your business.

What kind of mind-set turns free education into a grievance?

I like Standard Batteries. They're a Christian company, and maybe you've seen some of their ads. I tried to find an ad to embed, but it was too difficult. Sorry.

But how is Christianity a negative value? How is it  that we've become so afraid to exert influence on either our customers or employees, that advocacy of belief has become criminalized?

Leftists want to dominate the public space. Conservatives come from a different direction; they want the freedom to come to their own conclusions. Just look at the debate that occurs on a different level, the debate over "Climate Change." How many of us are afraid to ask simple questions? How many of us have taken a beating over simply asking questions? Vilification is brutal. Being vilified is painful. How many of us have the strength to ignore attempts at vilification, to adhere to a path of honesty and truth?

I'll tell you, even I have conceded to the path of least resistance. I used to blog under another pseudonym, but, when called out, left that space and spent time off the net, until I arrived here. I'm still not blogging at the level I was blogging, yet some of this can be explained by my time spent doing those productive things that pay the bills. Good blogging takes time. Just ask any of the guys who've laid over into the blogging ditch. If nobody reads, or if "enough" people don't read, why bother?

I have found a space for my writing. And my business allows me to reach a large portion of my local market. There are things that are real and palpable about what I do that has a real, serious effect on a large portion of my local market. It's why, when I was vilified, and threatened with posts that I had made, of a greater vilification, I succumbed. (Yet, here I am.)

The blogosphere is huge. I have regained a certain anonymity. A comfortable anonymity. Just as had been enjoyed by my favourite blogger, Poor Richard. Imagine Ben hiring two young men.

While I'm not attempting to place myself in a class with Franklin, I would assert that anyone with a printing press has the potential to be another Franklin. And, given my experience--successful experience--in the field that I choose to work, that giving a couple of young men a chance to work with me, for me to teach, and for us to work together to drive greater success both for ourselves and our clients, that this opportunity should be based upon the willingness I have to teach and train, rather on the rights of these new, young hires to be shielded from any depredations that I might impose as a condition of their hire. If the minimum wage was repealed, these two men would be employed full-time. As is, I can only afford to hire them part-time, at a weekly rate of fifteen hours.

Teh "System" has determined that employees have rights that supersede the rights of employers. I guess that's because employers are such ridiculous bastards. All we do is train, enable success, and pay wages. Jesus, what bastards we are.

Yet, that is the viewpoint of those who "regulate" business. We don't offer any value. We exploit.

Fuck yeah.

And the dumb fuck who doesn't cut it gets fired. And the viewpoint of those who regulate business is, "you can't do that." WTF?

I watched the President offer his "plan" for moving the unemployment problem tonight. I think he said "pass this plan" more than ten times. Why? Is there something that our President said, that offered me an olive branch? I can't afford to hire more employees. I can't have more than five employees (full-time) without entering a regulatory zone that I either can't afford, or choose not to accept. Why? Regulations. Chances are, you don't own a company or corporation. Chances are, you don't have the authority or responsibility for hiring or firing. If you don't, keep your job.

Owning, or managing, a company or corporation is a wonderful thing. Owning or managing a company or corporation twenty years ago, was even better. Owning or managing a company or corporation forty years ago was even better. Why?

There was a time when providing a good of service to our customers was the highest calling. I remember when IBM was just a fledgling concern. Did you know that Business Services used to have an office in Portland? These were the true mad men of business. They saw the potential of the digitization of services, as it applied to making certain business activities more profitable? Were these guys "computer salesmen?"

No. These were the guys who brought innovation to the market. They took the risks. Innovators understand risks.

Whenever you hear a politician talk about innovation, remember, they don't have any skin in the game. We, in the private sector do.

Obama is the first Trillionaire in the History of the World. Tonight? He offers another program that will cost us a cool, half a trillion dollars. The coolest thing about this big Daddy is, it isn't even his money.

Should you hire anyone today? Not based upon the latest plan coming out of the White House. Me? I'm counting on some investments that are in the pipe, and an outcome that depends upon a double-dip.

Last month, I hired two young men.

It's my money, my risk. But, I think I'm going to be able to take one of my competitors out.  Not today. Sometime next year. After the acquisition, people will be found to be unemployed. If they had taken care of their business, I wouldn't be able to acquire them. It's their choice to do business as usual today.

There are sharks in the waters. There are wolves in the woods.

We cannot all be winners. But, remember, it's my money in play, not yours, and not tax dollars.If I fail, and I've failed before, I don't believe that you owe me a thing. I take a risk, I win or lose. If you're a Leftist, you don't take risks. You don't innovate. You simply do what you do, and expect the rest of us to pick up your check.

Fuck you.

Learn to earn, or learn to create. But don't try to hand me your failure. Man up.

This message provided to you by a cranky old guy, who doesn't owe a dime to anyone.


MAX Redline said...

I skipped Barry's latest speech; got better things to do than listen to that defective track:

investment in infrastructure
investment in infrastructure
investment in infrastructure
investment in infrastructure
investment in infrastructure

A few years back, I participated in a drinking game, in which every time he said that, you took a shot. I discovered that I'm too old for that. Recovery took days.

Life's too short for such foolishness.

Ten Mile Island said...

Our President lacks knowledge, but is unconcerned about what he lacks.

How is "spending on infrastructure" a benefit? Taking money from the private sector to employ people to do jobs that are unwanted seems a waste of money.

'Cause, if these projects were worthy, they'd already be scheduled, wouldn't they?

T. D. said...

Devastating indictment, TMI. And from the boots on the ground perspective of small business that employs over half of American workers.

We need a leader who not only understands small business needs, but has the courage to upend the current regulatory nightmare.

Ten Mile Island said...

Thanks for the visit, T.D.

ZZMike said...

"... The rules and regulations for any business are arcane, confusing, vague and frankly opposed to the simple proposition that "you work for me."

That evoked a memory from Roman history. One of the less popular emperors, Nero, or Caligula (can't find it just now), had laws written at the top of columns, so that he could arrest any inconvenient citizens - ignorance of the law being no excuse.

Today's byzantine regulations are similar. Only large and well-funded companies with legions of lawyers can make their ways through those mazes.

Then there's the "jobs problem". Obama says he wants to "create jobs". Government cannot do that. Businesses create jobs.

Business are sitting on about $1 trillion in cash (especially Apple). If they thought it would make sense to cut loose some of that cash and expand and hire people. the problem would be solved, without government assistance.

But you know most of the reasons why Business isn't hiring, expanding, or spending.

Obama is trying to tell us that only Government can help us.