Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bi-Partisanship Is Possible

And right and wrong.

Federal intrusion into state taxing authority is wrong. It isn't Constitutional. And, I can't come up with a single case where the Federal government has the authority, under the 16th Amendment, to roll back taxes imposed by a state. The Federal government, simply, doesn't have the authority to do what it is attempting to do. (Didn't bills have to come to the floor with a reference to the constitutionality of the measure?)

But, the sentiment is good. The sentiment is, if we tax a thing, the accessibility of the thing decreases.

Oregon is the worst state in the union in terms of understanding this reasonable statement. Okay, mebbe California is worse. The thing is, the Wireless Tax Fairness Act, is another example of federal over-reach. I applaud the Congress for having the ability to understand that taxes on communication are a form of restraint of speech. So...hmm. Maybe it is Constitutional. Maybe, this may be a pure power under the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Maybe, just maybe, congressional actions to protect an interstate commodity from local taxation is actually a power granted by the Constitution!

Imagine, legal acts of Congress, with bi-partisan support. End of days?


ZZMike said...

This would be a good first step. Let's get rid of the telephone taxes. (They finally got rid of the one they passed back during the War with the Philppines, a few years back.

I don't see the distinction between a tax on wired phones and non-wired phones.

Ten Mile Island said...

I hate taxes on products.

I don't mind taxes on income. We need to pay for government.

But, double taxation, in any form, is statist.

Let's end double-taxation.