Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Democrats operate under different rules from the rest of us.

President Clinton, serial rapist, gets a pass for doing Monica because he's so dreamy.

Okay. I get the neo-feminist logic. As long as you promise you will love them forever, you get their vote.

Herm, talks to a woman, doesn't even step on her toes, and it's a national nightmare, again. Yet, when I talk about the law-breaking of Oregon's congressional candidates, it doesn't even earn a mention in the local newspaper.

Rob Cornilles has fully disclosed all of his contributions. See it here. His democrat opponents? Not a stitch.

 Suzanne Bonamici.

"The query you have chosen matched 0 individual contributions."

She's raised more than $430-thousand dollars, but can't find her asshole with both hands? Yeah, this is a chick I want to vote for. The query you have chosen matched 0 individual contributions.

Any mention in any newspaper? Are you serial?

We've Global Warming and Green Technology to write about.

Serially, Oregon sucks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the atrocious public school system here failed to teach me about the succession of rapes committed by President Clinton. Please elaborate.

Ten Mile Island said...


Anonymous said...

Serial implies that a series of events occurred one after the other. Your yahoo search implies that one occurred according to this woman's word.