Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whipping the Senate

What is the most egregious error of our President?

His failure to whip the Senate.

As the Chief Executive, no company would ever allow for the lack of responsibility our current Chief Executive has demonstrated. Imagine any company, that failed to provide a budget for TWO FREAKING YEARS!!!

Budgets have been passed in the House. The Senate continues to refuse bringing these budgets up for a vote.

Our Chief Executive is a joke. Fortunately, for him, he has no idea how poorly he is performing. He is the World's Most Uninformed Executive.

Time for another Beer Summit.


g said...

I have glaucoma so I can't hear real well.

Cancer for the cure.

Ten Mile Island said...

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

Good to hear from you.

See you.

Er, whatever.

MAX Redline said...

He is the World's Most Uninformed Executive

Almost. How about Most Uninformed Laggard Executive (MULE)?

Ten Mile Island said...

I happen to live on trite.

ZZMike said...

"He is the World's Most Uninformed Executive."

Well, he was the World's Most Uninformed Candidate, back when, so what do people expect?

He's one of the leading sources of D.C.'s stupidity footprint. But he has so many helpers - people he appointed.....

"Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder."

I thought it was absinthe.

Ten Mile Island said...


When does a sibilance turn into a lithp?