Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blow Out For Holder Contempt Vote

Congress easily passed the contempt motion against Attorney General Holder this afternoon. The final vote was 256 to 66, with one member voting "present."

Just shy of 80 (79-1/4) percent of the House of Representatives voting, voted to make the Attorney General accountable for his unwillingness to supply information that led to the death of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, and a federal border agent, Brian Terry.

Eight-to-two is pretty good odds. The White House should have seen this coming.


MAX Redline said...

Holder "dismissed it as purely political", going on to claim that Republicans have been trying to make this an election year political gambit., Eric: had you come clean back in early 2011, none of this would be occurring in an election year.

Nanny Pelosi claims that Republicans are trying to keep Holder from fighting the disenfranchisement of voters (by removing, in Florida alone, 53,000 dead people from the rolls). It will doubtless come as a great surprise when she discovers that a federal judge upheld Florida's position; smacking down Holder again.

Ten Mile Island said...

Why does it feel like getting Holder to come clean is so much like trying to get rid of a bad virus on ones computer?

Frustrating. But worth the effort. Mostly.

MAX Redline said...

Great image: Holder as virus. Thanks for the grin!