Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nature Abhors A Vacuum

Scratch a Leftie and you'll find out how deep are their leadership skills. As a group comfortable with sitting around in circles repeating the words of those speaking, their commitment to communetarianism is their most starkly defining feature, or, characteristic.

No individual rules. The group rules. Spend a few minutes with Lisa Fithian to learn how this process works.


See how that works? No one is asserting. It's consent based upon the lack of a dissent. And the Brownian motion of a movement proceeds. Without definition.

There's a reason why I don't smoke marijuana. When you're high, the reasoning being offered above "makes sense." When you come off your drug induced stupor, those really smart ideas? Aren't so smart. Not that you need be high to accede to this type of foolishness. Remember, this is a communitarian movement, and our public schools are putting droves of little communitarians out on our streets. Youngsters who worked in groups to achieve the tasks required of their teachers. (The funny thing is, and the kids know, it was usually one or two of the kids in the group who did all the heavy lifting. The rest of the group were rewarded for their association with the right kids. It's okay to be a minion!)

Group projects. It's not the individual, it's the group.

So, when a great political figure comes along who speaks the language of the communitarian, there is resonance. Teh Won. He promised you stuff. And all you have to do is, er, well...not block?

Here's where the obligatory Obama Money video would be inserted. But you've already seen that. The more disturbing video is here. You want stuff? Take it. Unless you're blocked, you're good!


The girls wanted money. They saw money. They took money. The process? Sheer elegance.An absolute disregard for them.  These two young women noticed a vacuum.

This last video is illustrative of the process that occurred behind the scenes as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was assembled. Let's call it Bobble Head Democracy. (Christina Aguilera describes the process in this video.)

Get it? You don't get it?

What do you call a bill assembled by a group of bobble heads, where everyone is equal and nobody leads?
A clusterfuck, you say?

And, it turns out, that is what the PPACA turns out to be. And worse, for this assemblage of bobble heads, there is one, ultimate controlling authority. And it isn't the Supreme Court. It is, the Constitution.

That Congress acted like a couple of dumb chicks stealing money from Girl Scouts shouldn't be surprising. It isn't surprising that members of Congress--think former Speaker--are out and about complaining that the Court will overturn Congress. They still don't get it. It isn't the Court that stands in the way. It's the Constitution. Lex supra legis.
You can't simply take the money because it's there. Even though, on first glance, there's nothing to stop you.

It's Constitutional protected behaviour to behave as if you are a bobble head. In America, it's okay to be dumb as dirt. Your dumb as dirtness is politically protected, just as my dumbness is politically protected. (See 1st Amendment.)

What you're not protected from is the consequences of your dumbness. Even if you didn't mean to have to deal with the consequences of your actions. The consequences occur outside your personal wish pool. Those two sweet girlies didn't have a clue to the consequences of their actions, even post. Good Lord, where are the parents of these two girlies?

Nature abhors a vacuum. Lefties love a vacuum. 

It was a vacuum in leadership that created the opportunity for Russian expansion into Afghanistan. What year was that? 1979? Who was our President that year?

It was our first taste of communitarian leadership. It wasn't, alas, our last.

Just as a lack of leadership from President Carter created the conditions--lack of leadership--for the Afghan invasion and the fall of the Shah, other movements around the world were also growing. It wasn't until the election of a leader, and the imposition of the Reagan Doctrine, that these movements were begun to be rolled back.The Left attempted to block.

Public schools, universities, Noam Chomskey all screamed over the return of a strong national leader for the United States. The return of national leadership signaled the return of America's international leadership. That is, America stepped up to fill the vacuum of leadership in regions across the globe; the Middle East, Asia, Central and Southern America. The Left continues to characterize this international leadership as Imperialism.

"When you talk all I hear is
"Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah
"Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah"

Imperialism. Wah, wah, wah. Not much of a blindingly brilliant international foreign policy, but to the bobble heads in Congress, or in the White House, blindingly brilliant seems frustratingly hard.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So, it no surprise that former President Bill Clinton has decided to step up, and begin to lead the nation.

You can watch the interview of Bill Clinton by CNBC's Maria Bartiromo here.

So while President Campaigner and Golfer in Chief continues to run around, increasing communitarianism, former President Clinton leads. Because, nature abhors a vacuum. And President Bill knows that leadership is simply stepping up and taking a position. Leading. Quite a contrast to our Chauncy Gardner president.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

In a Clinton/Obama proxy battle, the Clinton candidate won in New Jersey.  President Obama flew over Wisconsin. My friend at Lumberjacks takes note of the death of democracy.

The Left worships the vacuum. Lacking the vacuum means an end to vacuous demonstrations of vacuousness. Without the vacuum, we're relegated to relying upon our elected leaders to lead. Oh, the humanity. Wah, wah, wah.

How's that hope and change stuff working out? Finally figuring out that not leading isn't a form of leadership? The former President has it figured. All he needs to do is step up, and he's a more powerful leader than the elected Won.

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