Thursday, June 28, 2012

What It Will Cost

What's the cost of Obamacare going to be? You can hit the WaPo link at Mover Mike's

Currently, I'm uninsured. But that doesn't mean I want for health care. When I want to see a doctor, I go to a doctor. When I want to see a dentist, I go to a dentist.

The difference, of course, is that I write a check. I purchase the health care I choose to purchase.

As a result, my demand for health care services is low. My total health care costs for 2012 to date is $1967.00. The total for 2011 was $4968.89. Two crowns and a root canal add up. (One root canal this year.)

A lot of the little stuff, like skin tags, I've had moderate to severe foot pain for six to eight months. As it turns out, I've determined the cause of the pain--it had to do with weight shift during my golf swing--and the pain is no longer an issue (and I'm hitting the ball better. Win/win.)

So, now it looks like I'm going to be forced to spend money on insurance. My out of pocket will be thirty percent, according to the WaPo widget. So, I'll be spending $3325.00 in 2011, plus $1490.00 for deductibles and co-pays. Pretty much a wash, eh?

But it won't be. Whenever I get an annoying bump, bruise or fever, I'm going to allocate myself a greater share of the available health care resources that are available to me, since I'm already paying for those services.

And, I'm not going to be alone. As demand for health care services increase, the costs of insurance are going to rise. The costs of those services will rise, too. (See Supply and Demand.)

Will I be healthier? Nope. Does the Obamacare address the type of insurance coverage I'd be willing to pay for, if it was legallly possible to purchase such care? Nope, again. Will I be adding full-time employees?


Will I be alone?


By the way, I want to thank Gordon for the graphic in my header.

Theft, Gordon, is the most sincere form of flattery, neh?


T. D. said...

Those darned consequences. Good post, TMI!

MAX Redline said...

I though that looked like ZW's graphic (heh). He actually posted it two years ago, then recently brought it back after the Obamacare decision.

Now, you could just pay the fine (sorry, I mean TAX), though supposedly you get a credit if you buy insurance. This demand ignores numerous studies that have found that people who don't have health insurance use fewer health care resources; opting to visit only when necessary - and aside from illegals, they are not, by and large, the folks clotting up emergency rooms.

You illustrate the studies very well, by your decisions.

Now, me - I purchase health insurance. Costs me $426 a month for my Bride and me. But then - she's asthmatic, so she needs da drugs and stuff. Is it worth $5112 a year, plus co-pays? Wouldn't be, for me alone. But the out-of-pocket for her would be much more substantial.

Ten Mile Island said...

Anybody ever watch Uncle Miltie's "Free to Choose?"