Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oregon: It's Working!

Hey, good news, sports fans! Oregon's unemployment rate is up two percent!

It's pretty cool when the unemployment rate increases more quickly than the growth in revenue of the private sector. That means we're spending more federal and state tax money as a percentage of state outlays!


If you can stand it, you can listen to the audio clips here.


MAX Redline said...

We lead in the race to the bottom.

30+ years of Democrats.

Isn't Starbucks hiring?

g said...

More windfarms and solar panels are needed. Quickly. Put Oregon to work.

Who needs any other industry. The facade needs propping.

Ten Mile Island said...

Teachers are good people. They just aren't the best and brightest of people.

Politicians are good people. It's just that honest politicians are hard to find, since politics seems to be more about lying about things, than telling the truth.

It's funny that the Left condemns religious folks for believing things that can't "be proven." And yet, the Left relies on being re-elected on the basis of policies that are demonstrably false.

Cruel irony, huh?