Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steve Schmidt

Tonight, while I'm writing this, I'm watching Steve Schmidt talk down the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

MSNBC isn't an honest dealer when it comes to news. Whoever is serving as producer of their news division would be fired if they worked for me. The Executive Producer would be pounding the pavement. Inserting Steve Schmidt--purportedly a "Republican Operative"--in their attacks on the Republican Party does more to solidify my opinion that MSNBC has totally left the rails.

Don't cover up mistakes. Provide some analysis of what policies mean. That's what "news" organizations do, or should do.

How did Sarah Palin get so excoriated by the press? Reading about the last election cycle, one name keeps popping up. Steve Schmidt.

I don't think I'm alone in wishing that Mr. Schmidt would have a "come to Jesus" moment, and admit his own hatred for ideals and beliefs of which I subscribe. MSNBC is  a faux "news source." Steve Schmidt is a faux conservative.

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T. D. said...

Did you notice the new use of Peggy Noonan at Fox? She used to be an MSNBC regular.