Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bum's Rush

What Senate candidate Todd Akin said about rape was based upon dumb. As I've been able to drill down onto the "scientific evidence" that women who are/or were raped under duress failing to conceive is borne out by the seminal research of some Middle European scientist, probably a Nazi, it isn't the first time that I'd heard of such research, or the results reported by whatever sketchy reports are coming in on the Todd Akin statement.

I'm pretty sure that Kurt Vonnegut wrote about this.

Of course, Kurt was a novelist, so he didn't have to adhere to the truth. Not a literal truth. Suffice a figurative truth. A truth of worthy intent.

What I am amazed about is the clinker between the mis-statements of Akin, and the voting record of President Obama.

Sperm is sperm. Babies is babies. And the anti-abortion argument runs toward the ethical beginning of human life, which I believe begins at zygote. The miracle of life is simple. The male and female of a species comes together in coitus, and life begins anew. For me, there is no greater miracle. Imagine, all these disparate chemicals, the human body, able to discriminate between air and oxygene, the aglomeration of molecules, iron, water, calcium, all ending up in this standing form that we call...us.

I've listened to Todd Akin's speech about "legitimate rape," and yet don't understand whatever it was that he may have intended to impart to the casual listener. Speaking abstractly, I can be called for whatever comes off as gibberish to the casual listener. I have gibberred.

I'd only ask you to compare and contrast the comments of Todd Akin with the vote of President Obama. However egregious Mr. Akin's comments may be interpretted, or construed, I'd ask you how you would condition the vote of our President, to condone the death of a child who was born, following a botched abortion?

In Oregon, the fetus doesn't gain personhood, under law, until birth. I think this is crazy. If my then pregnant wife had been murdered while carrying either of my sons, then I would have wanted her murderer to pay, not only for her death, but for the death of an unborn son. Even though my sons were unborn, I knew that I was expecting, and waiting for, their births. God had given me sons. (You could even see their little pee-pees!)

President Obama voted to allow the death of born children. Mr. Akin said some dumb stuff about rape.

I know that many would condemn Mr. Akin's campaign and ask that he evalutate his electability in the face of the response his comment has generated. If he decides to remain in the race--and I think that taking one for the team may be the best political outcome for the party--I hope that every dime and dollar that he has reminds voters that while off-base, wrong, or ignorant, he believes that life is the most precious commodity on Earth. And unlike President Obama, who voted to allow for the termination of living children, he erred on the side of unborn life.

Yes, I know I'm letting you know that I'm an intellectual troglydite. If you've been here before, you should have already gleaned that truth. I'm not as smart as you. And never intend to be. But there are fundamentals. Life either begins at conception, or it don't.

President Obama voted to terminate life--murder--after live birth.

Which is more reprehensible?


g said...

Somewhere, somehow, the intentional death of a child got turned into a choice.

Leave it to a woman to come up with that.

A society that allows the killing of its children is doomed. Eventually. Infanticide needs to be stopped.

In Akins defense, rape/health of a mother is less than a tenth of a percent, is a non starter, and is used by the pro death people to scare the unsuspecting public.

Addressing your comment about punishment for someone who kills a wife and unborn child - Look no further than the Scott Peterson trial. He was prosecuted and found guilty of both. Yeah, Oregon and many other states with the double standard.

Now just maybe I took some of the heat off Akin who had a gaffe. He should have known better than to even go there because he really didn't have to. He should quit for being a dumbass and not because of what he said.

The GOP needs to practice some restraint if they are going to pull of this election. They need to evaluate what they are saying and in what context.

They need to be perfect this time.

Double R 2012.

innominatus said...

On the Spectrum of Bad, cutting up babies is of course way worse than Akin's mouthfart. But unless/until Romney or Ryan hammers Obama's position on baby killing, what will come of it?

Romney pretty much can't mention it without the FLIPFLOPPER! accusation coming back out, and Ryan doesn't seem like a culture warrior. So all we have left to talk about it Akin. :(

MAX Redline said...

Unbeknownst to many, Akin was entirely correct. His problem was that he mistakenly applied the way ducks work to the way humans work. He had the whole species thing - which is kinda important - wrong.

But behold the Wonder of Nature™! Look into the sky in late spring. That triple quacking sound uttered by the mallard hen as she flies, nobly pursued by two or three silent drakes, grimly intent upon but one thing: rape. Tiring, she lands in a pond and is immediately beset.

Oddly, her offspring all bear the DNA of but one drake - that of her chosen mate.

Akin should've just said he thought they was talkin' about mallards.

g said...

Bravo Max! That's about the funniest analogy I have read in recent memory!